Dr. V.S. Alumona


Dr. V.S. Alumona

Areas of Research: History of Philosophy, Greek Philosophy, Rhetorics
and African Philosophy

M.A. Thesis: Political Decline and Varieties of Intellectual Reactions in Post-Aristotelian Philosophy (M.A. Thesis 1986).

PhD. Thesis: Scepticism and the Practice of Rhetoric in Protagoras and Gorgias

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Phone: +234 8036885342

Major Publications:

Alumona, V.S. (1988) “Ala as Collective Conscience in Igbo Morality: The Nigerian Journal of
Philosophy, Vol.8 Nos. 1 & 2, 1988.

Alumona, V.S. (1999) “Protagoras’ Homo Mensura Dictum and the Possibility of Rhetoric” Philosophical Transactions 1 (i) 13 – 20

Alumona, V.S. (2000) “A Philosophical Appraisal of Achebe’s “Chi in Igbo Cosmology” ODU: A Journal of West African Studies 41 Jan/July 2001, 82 – 96.

Alumona, V.S. (2003) “Culture and Societal Institutions in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart: A Critical Reading. Journal of Humanities 17, 2003, 62 – 81.

Alumona, V.S. (2004) “Gorgias’ Skepticism regarding Greek Social Class distinctions in the funeral oration (DK 82. B5a)” Journal of Humanities, 18, 2004, 1 – 11.

Alumona, V.S. (2005) “Gorgias’ Skepticism Regarding Justice in the Epitaphios (DK82B52a)” Quest: African Journal of Philosophy xvii, 49 – 62.

Alumona, V.S. (2006) “The Rhetoric of Unity and the Quest for Political Power in Nigeria” African and Asian Studies 5 (2)171 – 191.

Alumona, V.S. (2006) “A critical Reflection on Cabral’s criteria for citizenship”, Journal of Pan-African Studies 1 (5)

Alumona,V.S. (2006) “An Epistemological Exposition of Eziokwu bu Ndu”, in Nkeonye Otakpor (ed.) Ezi Okwu Bu Ndu, Truth is Life: Interpretative Essays, Hope Publications Limited, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Alumona, V. S. (2007) “The Use of several ad hominem arguments in Plato’s Protagoras, Quest: An African Journal of Philosophy, xxx (1-2), 108-139.

Alumona, V.S. (2007) “Historiography of Hellenic Historians”, Ife Journal of History 4 (2), 55-79.

Alumona, V. S . (2009) “Reinventing Governance for Social Change and Development”, Oladipo Olusegun and Ekanola B.Adebola (eds.), The Development Philosophy of Emmanuel Onyechere Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Vol.2: Enhancement of Socio-Political Existence and Order, 17-38.

Alumona, V. S. (2011) “A Critical Rhetoric Appraisal of Ojukwu’s Ahiara Declaration,” African Identities, Vol. 9, No. 1, 67-84.

Alumona V.S. “Name and Identity in Nsukka Culture” Anthropology, Journal of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (IEA) Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Alumona, V.S. “Egorigo Nsukka as a Feast of Friendship” ODU: A Journal of West African Studies.

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