Dr. W.O.O. Idowu


Dr. W.O.O. Idowu

Areas of Research: Philosophy of Law, History of Philosophy, African
Philosophy and Social and Political Philosophy
PhD. Thesis: A Critique of the Separability Thesis in the Context of an African Jurisprudence

Major Publications

1. Idowu William, 2003, Citizenship Questions, Class Politics and the Crisis of Governance in Africa: A Critical Reflection” in Philosophy, Democracy and Responsible Governance in Africa, Vol. 1, Oguejiofor, Ramose and Onah (eds.) Minister: Lit Verlag, pp. 187-203. (Germany)

2. Idowu William, 2004, “How Globalisation is Changing Citizenship: Social Philosophy and the Fall and Rise of Citizenship Discourses” Locating the Local in the Global Voices on a Globalised Nigeria, edited by Sola Akinrinade, M. Kolawole, I. Mojola and D. O. Ogungbile, Ile-Ife: Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, pp. 48-63. (Nigeria)

3. Idowu William, 2006, “State Formation, State Failure and Nation Building in Africa” in The Nigerian State: Language of its Politics, edited by Akin Alao, Lagos: Rex Charles and Collins Publishers, pp. 141-156. (Nigeria)

4. Idowu William, 2005, “Pantaleon Iroegbu and David Hume on the Possibility of Miracles: Critical Comments on Theory and Experience” in Father Kpim: Philosophy and Theology of Pantaleon Iroegbu, edited by George Ukagba, Ibadan: Hope Publications, pp. 227-239. (Nigeria)

5. Idowu William, 2005, “A Philosophical Analysis of Conflict in Africa” in Perspectives on Peace and Conflict in Africa” edited by Isaac Olawale Albert, Ibadan: Peace and Conflict Studies Programme, Institute of African Studies, pp. 10-27. (Nigeria)

*6. Idowu William, 2008, “Turning Many into One”: A Post-structuralist Reading of the Myth of National Culture in Nigeria” in Culture and Society in Nigeria Traditions, Gender Relations and Political Economy, edited by Akin Alao and Tunde Babawale, Lagos: Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation, pp: 232-253. (Nigeria)
3.(a) Published Articles: (unnumbered chronologically in the following format -= Surname, Initials, Year, Title of Article, Journal, Volume (No): first-last page:

7. Idowu, W.O.O. 1999, “Citizenship, Alienation and Conflict in Nigeria”, Africa Development, Vol. XXIV, Nos. 1 & 2:31-55. (Senegal)

8. Wunmi William, 2002, “Citizenship Questions and Environmental Crisis in Niger Delta: A Critical Reflection” in Nordic Journal of African Studies, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 377-392. (Netherlands)

9. Idowu William, 2002, “African Family System and the Seniority-Gender Question: A Critical Appraisal” in Odu Journal of West African Studies, Vol. 43, 2002, pp. 38-54. (Nigeria)

10. Idowu William, 2002, “Scepticism, Racism and African Jurisprudence”: Questioning the Problematique of Relevance” in Quest, An African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XVII, No. 1 & 2, pp. 63-89. (Netherlands)

11. Idowu William, 2004, “Citizenship, Democracy and Godfatherism” Essence Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 158-182. (Nigeria)

12. Idowu William, 2004, “La Doctrina de la Revision Judicial la Obligacio de Obedecer el Derecho” in DOXA, Cuadernos de Filosofia del Derecho, Vol. 27, pp., 349-376. (Span)

13. Idowu William, 2004, “African Philosophy of Law: Transcending the Boundaries between Myth and Reality” in Enter Text, On-line Journal, An Interactive Interdisciplinary e-Journal for Cultural and Historical Studies and Creative Work, www.entertext.com, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 52-93. (United Kingdom)

15. Idowu William, 2005, “Law, Morality and the African Cultural Heritage: The Jurisprudential Significance of the Ogboni Institution” in Nordic Journal of African Studies, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 49-66. (Finland)

16. Idowu William, 2005, “Postmodernism, Citizenship and the African Predicament: A Critical Reflection” in Journal of Humanities, No. 19, pp. 1-18. (Malawi)

17. Idowu William,2006, “Against the Skeptical Argument and the Absence Thesis: African Jurisprudence and the Challenge of Postitivist Historiography” in Journal of Philosophy, Science and Law, Vol. 6, pp. 34-48. (U.S.A.)

18. Idowu William, 2006, “African Jurisprudence and the Reconciliation Theory of Law” in Cambrian Law Review, Vol. 37, pp. 1-16. (Wales)

19. Idowu William, 2008, “Positivists’ Separability Thesis Reconsidered: Perspective From African Legal Theory” in Journal of Juridical Science, Vol. 33, No. 2, pp:164-186 (South Africa)

*20. Idowu William and Oke Moses, 2008, “Multiculturalism, Legal Pluralism and the Separability Thesis: A Postmodern Critique of ‘An African Case for Legal Positivism” in Law, Social Justice & Global Development Journal (LGD). http://www.go.warwick.ac.uk/elj/lgd/2008_2/williamandoke (England)

*21. Idowu William and Oke Moses, 2008, “Theories of Law and Morality: Perspectives from Contemporary African Jurisprudence” in In-Spire Journal of Law, Politics and Societies, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 151-170. (England)

*22. Idowu William, 2009, “Post-Colonialism, Memory and the Remaking of African Identity” in Politikon, Vol. 36, pp. 423-443. (South Africa)

*23. Idowu William, “Hybridity, Authenticity and Religious Consciousness in Yoruba Popular Music: A Philosophical Analysis” in Nigerian Music Review, Nos. 9 & 10, 2009, pp. 167-213.

*24. Idowu William, 2010, “Freedom, Alienation and the Contradictions of Development: An Existential Reading of the Human Condition in Nigeria” in An Inter-Disciplinary Discourse on the Human Condition edited by Adebayo Ninalowo, Fatai Badru and Rasheed Akinyemi, Lagos: The Faculty of Social Sciences in Conjunction with the Department of Sociology, University of Lagos, pp. 24-62. (Nigeria)

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