Dr. A. O. Alade



Areas of Research Interest: Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language

Ph.D Thesis: "A Defense of Realism on the Ontological Foundation for Fictional Reference"

M.A. Thesis: A Critical Assessment of the Descriptive and Causal Theories of Proper Names

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: +234 806 766 0689

Major Publications

(i) Alade, Adetayo Oludare, (2016) "Epistemic Justification and Levels of Foundational Coherence" International Journal of Research in Arts and Social Sciences (IJRASS), Vol. 9, No. 1, 90-99

(ii) Alade, Adetayo Oludare and Adeyanju, O. M., (2016). “Finding a Common Religious Soul for Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria.” Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, Vol. 9 No 6, 154-165, http://www.jpanafrican.org (U. S. A.)

(iii) Alade, Adetayo Oludare, (2015) "On the Ontology of Fictional Entities and the Reference of Fictional Names." Ife Studies in African Literature and the Arts (ISALA), Vol. 10, 54-69

(iv) Alade, Adetayo Oludare, (2015). “Kinship Structures and Social Justice in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Thought and Practice: A Journal of the Philosophical Association of Kenya (PAK). New Series, Vol.7 No.1, pp. 31-49, http://ajol.info/index.php/tp/index (Kenya)

(v) Alade, Adetayo Oludare, (2015). “The Obligation to be Moral.” Abuja Journal of Philosophy and Religions, Vol. 3, pp. 165-175, (Nigeria)

(vi) Alade, Adetayo Oludare, (2013). “Philosophical Principles of Cultural Education in Plato’s Republic and Modern Democracy.” Uniuyo Journal of Humanities (UUJH), Vols. 16 & 17. No. 1, pp. 187-200, (Nigeria)

(vii) Fasiku, G. and Alade, Adetayo Oludare, (2011). “Proper Names as Rigid Designators in Natural Language.” Papers in English and Linguistics, Vol. 12, pp. 55-66, (Nigeria)

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