Mr. O.V. Olanipekun



 Mr. O.V. Olanipekun

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 Phone No.

 Area of Research Interest: Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

 Dissertation (M. A.): A Philosophical Defense of Moral Anti-Realism

 Major Publications:

 (i) Olanipekun, O. V. (2015) "Between The Mentalists And The Objectivists: May Brodbeck’s Argument Revisited" in UNIUYO Journal of Humanities, Vol.19, No 2, 247-262

 (ii) Olanipekun, O. V., (2015) "Philosophical Dimension To The Question of People Living With Disability" in Lapai Journal of Humanities, Vol. 9, No. 1, 29-38

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