Lists of Academic Staff


Academic Staff

Area of Specialization

Prof. Yinusa Kehinde Salami ( Head)

Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Social Sciences, African Philosophy, Marxism, Social and Political Philosophy and Ethics.


Dr. M.Oke

Epistemology, Metaphysics, African Philosophy, Linguistic Philosophy, Wittgenstein.

Dr. O. Fashina

Philosophy of Social Science, Social and Political Philosophy, Metaphysics and Epistemology

Dr. A.O. Oladosu

Philosophy of Law, Philosophical Ethics and Philosophy of Social Sciences.

Dr. V.S. Alumona

History of Philosophy, Greek Philosophy, Rhetorics and African Philosophy

Dr. W.O.O. Idowu

Philosophy of Law, History of Philosophy, African Philosophy and Social and Political Philosophy


Dr. J.O. Famakinwa


Political Philosophy, Philosophical Ethics and Analytic African Philosophy

Dr. G. Fashiku

Metaphysics, African Philosophy

Mr. J.A. Odebunmi

Epistemology, African Philosophy

Mr. R.T. Oyelakin

Epistemology, African Philosophy

Mr. F. B. Aloba

Epistemology & Social and Political Philosophy

Mrs. O. O. Badejo

Logic (Formal and Informal) & Metaphysics

Mr. N. Okorie

Ethics (Theoretical and Applied), Social and Political Philosophy

Mr. D.A. Oyedola


Mr. A. O. Alade

Philosophy of Language & Metaphysics

Mr. B.J. Balogun

 Philosophy of Mind

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